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Shipping/Gift Baskets

Shipping Basics

1. Select Box Size for Flat Rate      Shipping.

2. Shipping costs vary but usually run around: Small Box $15.00, Large $20.00. We will call or email you before we ship the items to give you a total if it exceeds the cost of the box you chose.

3. Look at Product Type Examples in order to visualize amount that can be added to box.

4. Order your desired items!

5. We will ship your package!

Customized Gift Baskets

Let us do the work and we will hand pick a selection of items that your recipient will be sure to enjoy! This is available for local delivery for $10. We also can ship a basket.

E-mail us at:

or text: 912.210.0617 and we can help!

Small & Large Box


Holiday Gift Basket Example

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